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Dos and Don’ts of Window Treatments

When choosing what to do with your windows, keep these Dos and Don’t of Window Treatments in mind, you might find it rather helpful!


  • Spend time deciding on what type of window covering you want
  • Check that the curtains/blinds are suitable for the shape of your window
  • Choose a fabric that goes with the rest of your soft furnishings
  • Measure up your window correctly, especially if you are having blinds… always use a retractable metal tape measure
  • Be absolutely sure you are happy with your choice of fabric, especially if it’s bright and bold. Remember you have it for at least 10 years.


  • Choose a style of window that blocks too much light
  • When choosing a fabric, avoid very large, bold prints in small rooms. It can be overpowering
  • Have curtains over windows that open inwards!
  • Buy less fabric by ignoring pattern matching…. Never!
  • Short curtains on tall windows? Don’t even think about it! Go for a blind instead and make it a feature

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