Shutters are a fantastic option for home owners looking for privacy.  They work very well with most styles including contemporary as well as traditional settings. I am particularly fond of shutters for challenging and shaped windows!

Shaped Window & Shutters

Shaped Window & Shutters

Although they are often the most expensive, they are long lasting, easy to maintain and often add value to your home. There are many types of shutters, but the most popular seems to be Plantation Shutters with their gorgeous slates that filter light and adjust your privacy – perfect for a busier location!

Here’s a summary of the benefits of this beautiful window treatment.

Are window shutters environmentally-friendly?
Yes! Our materials are sourced from suppliers that encourage sustainability and promote eco-friendly practices. Shutters can help reduce the amount of energy consumption and help keep houses insulated keeping your home warm and saving money.

How do I keep window shutters well-maintained?
A quick wipe with a damp cloth or duster is all you need to keep your shutters in tip top condition.  Because shutters are so hard-wearing they require minimal maintenance once installed.

Do shutters come with a guarantee or warranty?
Depending on which range is chosen Shutters come with a minimum of three years, ten years and twenty five years.Shutter Shapes

Is there anything I should do before having my windows surveyed?
Not really, Curtain Lab will do the initial survey, take photos and measurements.

What if I have non-symmetrical or unorthodox windows?
Plantation shutters are a great option for complex of window and door-frames. This is because they are custom-built to your requirements and we can make the to fit many shaped windows from circular to triangle to loft windows.

Are window shutters safe around children?
Yes, shutters are fitted without the use of cords or any other hazards that can cause entanglement. Shutters can also be fixed in to place with high-locks to stop toddlers from trapping their fingers as well as preventing them from being unlocked.

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Plantation Shutters with Angled Windows

Plantation Shutters with Angled Windows