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Creating beautiful curtains, cushions and upholstery is the key to the perfect decorating scheme.  At Curtain Lab we believe good soft furnishing is the lipstick of home decorating, that finishing touch needed to finally show off the window. Choose it well and it will bring the home together, make a mistake and it can be very disappointing.

Buying curtains, blinds and cushions may seem easy enough but with so many options to choose from making the right choice is harder than it seems.

Roman Blinds: these as stylish, use much up less fabric and are perfect for smaller rooms. By Curtain LabThis style works well wish sash windows too because it allows the beauty of the woodwork to complete the look.

Easy right? Wrong!  Measuring up for roman blinds can be tricky and an expensive mistake to make. The right fitting is also crucial to get it right – measure it too small and it lets in too much light, measure it too big and it might rub against the wall or side blinds.

We prefer to do all of our measuring and make sure that when we make & hang our blinds they are the exact size and style they should be.  We want every time to be as personal as you are.  They may include trimmings, contrasting boarders, different colour lining, blackout or thermal we’ll install them to perfection.

loft windows curtains made to meausreCurtains: With so many styles to choose from and so many ways to dress windows one would be forgiven to think curtains are old fashioned, but I’m happy to say they are as popular as ever! Whilst the headings have changed considerably there is still great demand for curtains.

The reason is simple, we love fabric!  Great fabric will bring warmth to any room, make it feel cosy and often helps with drafty windows and cold places. For those looking for a more traditional look the style range from Pinch Pleat, Open Pleat, Pencil Pleat and in many cases these are paired with Pelmets.

For those looking for a modern choice, the Wave look has replaced eyelets.  Some more specialist company such as Walcot House and Tilly’s (to name but a few) have brought gorgeous glass coloured finials to give that unique finishing touch.  Tilly’s can even wrap your pole with your own material, now that’s amazing!

At Curtain Lab we’ll go the extra mile and make your own cushions, headboards, bedspreads, loose covers and upholstery too.  Why would you need to go elsewhere if we can handle it all for you?

Wave Curtains on Broadway Track

Wave Heading

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