How to dress bathroom windows

blinds, curtains, kingston upon thames, curtainlabThere are many reasons why we should dress our bathroom windows, with privacy featuring top of the list.  If you fall in this category, have a small bathroom and want to keep it as private as possible, avoid semi-sheer curtains or blinds, they will be see-through at night when the lights are on! Instead, opt for a blackout roller, bottom-up or roll-up blind. Just remember that when choosing fabric for a blind, you must to take into account the high levels of humidity in bathroom!

How about if you want to make a real statement in your recently decorated bathroom? Well, you can always combine practicality and wow factor with a fabulous roller blind (if you have a small but perfectly formed bathroom) or (if you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom) have curtains.

There as some fabulous Roller Blinds in the market that will do just that! .With the advances in digital photography it’s now possible to pick almost any photo and have it printed into a roller blind that’s is totally customised for you. Simpler still, is picking a blind that’s already available, we love Artylicious‘ gorgeous range of printed blinds.

shutters, windows, bathrooms, blinds, made to measureHow about those who prefer Shutters? Until a while back, shutters were only splash proof and not waterproof. That’s a thing of the past and Waterproof Shutters now come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. Shutters by Design use Permawood, which is constructed with engineered hardwood then coated in an ABC (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic.  This co-polimer coating is said to be extremely tough and durable making these shutters dead easy to maintain.

What other options are there? Well, for a simple, easy, customisable and affordable bathroom window dressing there is Frosted Glass Effect Window Film.  It’s opaque and available in sheet forms so can be bought imprinted with various patterns. It can be cut to the size of your window pane and smoothed into place, creating the look of etched glass. Although frosted glass effect window films don’t provide complete privacy, they are easy to maintain and will not block any light from coming into your bathroom. It’s well worth checking Decowall’s range, we sure were impressed by it.



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