Curtains and Blinds: How to get started

Curtains and Blinds: How to get started:curtains blinds made-to-measure

Curtains and blinds are functional as well as decorative so, before deciding on a style, you should consider the windows they are meant for and what you want them to do. Ask yourself these questions:

* Will my curtains and blinds be decorative only?

* Do they need to obscure the light completely?

* Will they be used occasionally only?

The next thing you must consider is which treatment is most suited o t your windows. For example, roman & roller blinds are an excellent option for smaller rooms. However, if the window is particularly large, curtains might be a better solution. Got a small window but the ceiling is high? Then a pelmet over the blind/curtain will give the illusion of height.

Remember that whatever treatment you choose, it will have a significant influence on the overall style of the room. Choosing the right fabric and the right treatment is paramount to achieving the result you want. Sometimes having a large print may work really well even on a small room.

If you still aren’t sure, invite a couple of local specialist companies or curtain makers to take a look at your window and make a few suggestions. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes might give you new ideas you may not have thought of.

Companies like Laura Ashley or John Lewis may charge you for a home consultation but others might not… We don’t change for local consultation, you can always give us a call.

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