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How to dress bathroom windows

blinds, curtains, kingston upon thames, curtainlabThere are many reasons why we should dress our bathroom windows, with privacy featuring top of the list.  If you fall in this category, have a small bathroom and want to keep it as private as possible, avoid semi-sheer curtains or blinds, they will be see-through at night when the lights are on! Instead, opt for a blackout roller, bottom-up or roll-up blind. Just remember that when choosing fabric for a blind, you must to take into account the high levels of humidity in bathroom!

How about if you want to make a real statement in your recently decorated bathroom? Well, you can always combine practicality and wow factor with a fabulous roller blind (if you have a small but perfectly formed bathroom) or (if you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom) have curtains.

There as some fabulous Roller Blinds in the market that will do just that! .With the advances in digital photography it’s now possible to pick almost any photo and have it printed into a roller blind that’s is totally customised for you. Simpler still, is picking a blind that’s already available, we love Artylicious‘ gorgeous range of printed blinds.

shutters, windows, bathrooms, blinds, made to measureHow about those who prefer Shutters? Until a while back, shutters were only splash proof and not waterproof. That’s a thing of the past and Waterproof Shutters now come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes. Shutters by Design use Permawood, which is constructed with engineered hardwood then coated in an ABC (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic.  This co-polimer coating is said to be extremely tough and durable making these shutters dead easy to maintain.

What other options are there? Well, for a simple, easy, customisable and affordable bathroom window dressing there is Frosted Glass Effect Window Film.  It’s opaque and available in sheet forms so can be bought imprinted with various patterns. It can be cut to the size of your window pane and smoothed into place, creating the look of etched glass. Although frosted glass effect window films don’t provide complete privacy, they are easy to maintain and will not block any light from coming into your bathroom. It’s well worth checking Decowall’s range, we sure were impressed by it.



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Benefits of Blackout Blinds

There are endless reasons why you should have blackout blinds. Some people want to keep their munchkins asleep for as long as possible in the morning, others might work unusual hours (stewardesses, servicemen, health professionals) and benefit from a room as dark as possible even during the day.

Here’s my top 5 benefits of having blackout blinds:

blackout, blinds, made to measure

image by House to Home

1) It promotes better sleep for kids: as the summer heat arrives and the sun rises at the very crack of dawn it’s important to make sure our kids have a good night sleep. Some children find it hard to sleep when it’s ‘still day’. Blackout blinds will help them understand that it might be ‘light’ outside but it’s in fact bedtime.

2) It give adults a change to sleep too: for those who do shift work, retreating to a darken bedroom for that much needed sleep is a must!  Even those of us who work ‘regular’ hours can be kept awake due to light… just think of those street lights right outside our houses, passing car’s headlights, etc.

blackout, roller blind, made to measure, curtain making

Image by Houzz

3) It gives you privacy: there are times when we all want complete privacy and blackout blinds will give you just that, especially in places such as bedrooms and bathrooms where you might be getting changed or don’t want to be seen in your pjs!  These blinds will prevent others from seeing you from outside so you don’t have to worry about the your silhouette when you come out of the bathroom.

4) It prevents fading: when blackout is used in roman blinds, it will not only give you the benefits I listed above but it will also prevent your fabric from fading and keeping it look great for longer. The same applies to your carpet, dark flooring, dark furniture, etc.

5) Great for Media Rooms: if you are anything like me and can’t stand the glare of sunlight in your screen device, you need blackout blinds in your media rooms too. We all need a dark enough room to use our computers, watch a movie, play on the XBox, etc.

Got a question regarding blackout blinds? Send me a message on, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Paula, x


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How to Dress a Bay Window – Part 2

Create a custom-made seating area by your bay window and dress it with Roman Blinds

roman blinds, made to measure, kingston upon thamesI like working with bay windows.  They vary so much in size and shape that no 2 bay windows are ever the same and this is precisely what makes dressing a bay window so challenging.What ever window treatment you choose it is important to work with your windows and not against it.  Don’t disguise or hide them in any way.  Make the bay area a focal point, bring it into the heart of your scheme and make sure that, as well as looking good, the bay provides comfort and extra storage space.bay window, cushions, made to measure, kingston upon thamesThis type of project requires skill. I suggest you call in a professional!  A good carpenter or joiner should be able to build a window seat that is both stylish and functional.  You can finish dressing the area with Roman Blinds for a tailored, smart look.  Add a few cushions to the seat, a small side table and all you will be missing is a good book and/or a glass of wine!

A window seat can work very well with most bay windows including Square Bays, Bend Bays or Semi-Circular Bays.  Go ahead, celebrate your bay window! Give us a call on 07788 275 451 and we’ll tell you what is the best way to make the most of your bay window too!

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How to Dress a Bay Window – Part 1

Combining Curtains and Blinds

Ok, I admit that finding curtains or blinds that work with when deciding how to dress a bay windows is often a challenge. There are logs of things you need to consider before making a decision. Think about the following:

• Window Angles – they are pretty tricky to measure up and overcome.
• Curtain Poles – we all love curtain poles but can your choice of pole be used in a bay? Can it be bent to to the exact shape of your window?
• Curtain Lengths – full length curtains are still, by far, the most popular choice but how about heat? Will it trap the heat from your radiator between the curtains and the window??

bay window, curtains, blinds

Source: Pinterest

It’s fair to say that the list of things to think about before choosing your bay window treatment is rather long, isn’t it? Fortunately there are plenty of options available to dress difficult windows nowadays, and one of my favourite is choices is combining the practicality of blinds with the look of dress curtains.

Roman or indeed Roller Blinds can be a contemporary and simple solution for bay windows. When combined with curtains, blinds will add the extra privacy we all want whilst allowing the curtains to provide the finishing touch, framing the window and adding a smart, cosy look to the room.

If impact and drama is what you are after, you could always combine a larger pattern with a more tamed tone-in-tone colour to bring the look together. The curtains can either be left ‘standing’ or can be arranged to hang on holdbacks for a more dressed look.

Coming up in part 2: Roman Blinds and a Made-to-Measure sitting area for Bay Window. Don’t miss it!

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Curtains & blinds for awkward spaces…

I am often asked to recommend curtains for awkward spaces and difficult windows where space is limited, the windows are triangle, round or arch shaped. There’s is plenty to choose from.

Curtains: can be so flexible and are frequently used in lofts bedrooms with large windows and/or Juliet balconies.  Curtains allow a more ‘soft touch’ to the bedroom that can complement the overall scheme, making the room feel cosy and warm.

Roman Blinds: great as a space saving option. It can be made in most fabrics and tailored to fit your space. Ideal for bedrooms, offices and media rooms as it can be lined with blackout to filter the sun.

Shutters: ideal for any shaped windows, but some would say it needs a little soft touch.  I have combined these with a pelmet to add character and give the room an injection of colour.

Vertical Blinds: the functionality of vertical blinds can’t be denied. It was once thought of as ‘office’ like but that has now changed.  Vertical blinds now can be found in a huge range of colourful designs, textures and yarns making this a very attractive option to those shaped windows!

Loft blinds, awkward spaces, blinds, curtains   awkward spaces, curtains, blinds, made to measure


Have you got challenging window dressings? Awkward spaces? Let us know,  we’d love to see what option you chose!


Paula, x

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Curtains and Blinds: How to get started

Curtains and Blinds: How to get started:curtains blinds made-to-measure

Curtains and blinds are functional as well as decorative so, before deciding on a style, you should consider the windows they are meant for and what you want them to do. Ask yourself these questions:

* Will my curtains and blinds be decorative only?

* Do they need to obscure the light completely?

* Will they be used occasionally only?

The next thing you must consider is which treatment is most suited o t your windows. For example, roman & roller blinds are an excellent option for smaller rooms. However, if the window is particularly large, curtains might be a better solution. Got a small window but the ceiling is high? Then a pelmet over the blind/curtain will give the illusion of height.

Remember that whatever treatment you choose, it will have a significant influence on the overall style of the room. Choosing the right fabric and the right treatment is paramount to achieving the result you want. Sometimes having a large print may work really well even on a small room.

If you still aren’t sure, invite a couple of local specialist companies or curtain makers to take a look at your window and make a few suggestions. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes might give you new ideas you may not have thought of.

Companies like Laura Ashley or John Lewis may charge you for a home consultation but others might not… We don’t change for local consultation, you can always give us a call.

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